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Taste as the key for a successful protein shift

Culivega specialises in developing and producing culinary plant-based meal components for the professional food market. In other words, we create  restaurant-level dishes using meat, fish and dairy alternatives.

Our mission

To make food containing meat, fish and dairy alternatives more attractive (sensorially and commercially) to both professionals and consumers by offering products that enable a seamless alteration between animal-based and animal-free protein.

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What's in it for you?

  • Error-free
    Cooking with meat, fish and dairy alternatives at a catering level is quite a challenge. We specialise in offering the best customer experience.

  • Time-saving
    We put time into our products so the professionals don't have to.

  • Energy-saving
    Our products are ‘energy included’, only a short warming-up to ± 80°C is required.

  • Convenient
    Ready-to-(h)eat and ready-to-assemble.

  • Labour-efficient
    Our products are the solution for food companies that have a shortage of trained staff.

  • Universal
    Culivega’s products are designed to be sensorially appealing to flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans and meat-lovers as well as to people with differing beliefs.

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100% Plant-based

We specialise in producing 100% vegan and vegetarian culinary meal components (with meat, fish and dairy alternatives) for the professional market.


Artisan quality

We use the same artisan production techniques as restaurant and catering kitchens.


Coming soon


Guaranteed nut-free

We offer a 'value chain' containing absolutely no trace of nuts for markets in which nut allergies are a problem.


Industrial efficiency

Automated mise-en-place and robotic packing stations enable larger quantities to be produced with fewer employees.


Pre-portioned Frozen foods (PPF)

Pre-portioned frozen products eliminate the need to defrost the entire bag, thus significantly reducing waste.

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Our markets

Culivega offers products for different food markets. We understand how meat, fish and dairy alternatives behave during different cooking processes. At Culivega, everything starts with the customer experience. We also 'tune' flavours to appeal to meat and fish lovers. If they like it, we will market it. 

Outdoor Restaurant Seats

Food service

From catering to restaurants



Ready-to-(h)eat meal components


White label

Ready-to-(h)eat meal components

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Our brands

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Get in touch

If you would like to know more about Culivega, or have a specific question, please fill in the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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