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The tastiest investment in sustainable food

€ 900.000,-


23 equity vouchers available, € 40.000 each.

Each share counts for 1% of Culivega ownership.

Culivega | production of restaurant quality 100%

plant-based meal components

We welcome 'ambassadorsshareholders who love delicious food and believe there's a future for plant-based meals that gratify the taste of meat and fish lovers

Culivega Ambassador Privileges

Every Ambassador Certificate holder will have access to a number of Culivega exclusive 


These are:


  1. Participation at the annual Culivega gala diner

  2. Annual visit to Culivega factory with guided tour and dinner

  3. Participation to two Culivega cooking 
    workshops per year - Gastronomic Plant-based Cooking Without Compromise

The holder of multiple certificates may invite more people to enjoy these privileges, according to the corresponding number of certificates.

Taking plant-based meat, fish and dairy alternatives a step further

The plant-based meal components produced by Culivega are the answer to the lack of labour force on the foodservice market. They are ready-to- (h)eat and cooked to restaurant quality. 


Moreover, thanks to their versatility, Culivega ensures that more meals can be created with the same product, leaving no room for monotony.



Culivega is one step away from producing restaurant-quality plant-based meal components. The missing step? A nut-free production site. In 2022 and 2023, Culivega approached the foodservice market with its restaurant-quality plant-based meal components. The result is a demand of 170 tons of product expressed in letters of intent. 


The foodservice market requested a guaranteed nut-free product on top of restaurant quality. Since this combination was lacking in the Netherlands, the Culivega team had to think of setting up a proper production site. 


The requested funding will be mainly employed to invest in equipment, rental of the production site and operational costs.

Something about the plant-based foodservice market

More and more people declare themselves to be flexitarians. Nevertheless, the consumption of plant-based meat and fish alternatives remains below expectations. What causes this? People are still not satisfied with plant-based meat and fish alternatives and consumers are still not fond of the taste. Moreover, cooking with plant-based meat and fish alternatives is quite challenging. The result can be disappointing. The market asks for tastier, cleaner and convenient plant-based products.

There is another way

In recent years, Culivega has proven to convert convenience, great taste, and plant-based meat and fish alternatives into appetizing and appealing quality meal components. The various tastings with consumers and food professionals proved that the absence of meat, fish or dairy is a 'non-issue' and the choice for our products to be a 'no-brainer'.

Taste is key

Culivega believes that the solution for a better protein balance are meals based on meat and fish alternatives with an appealing taste. When people like it, it takes little to convince someone to eat healthier, more sustainable and more ethically.


A matter of balance

Culivega is not against meat consumption, but we believe that the balance between animal and vegetable proteins calls for restoration. Culivega has no militant or one-sided agenda to stimulate the consumption of meat, fish or dairy alternatives. Everyone has a personal reason to reduce meat, fish or dairy consumption, and we respect that. After all, every reason to restore the balance between animal and vegetable protein is a good one.

For which purpose we use the funding

Culivega plans to build a 100% animal-free production site. We aim to produce only plant-based meal components. Our focus will be to take meat, fish and dairy alternatives a step further and convert them into delicious restaurant-quality meal components. Culivega does it the artisanal way, with industrial efficiency. We succeeded in designing a fully automated production process and robotizing it for the future while keeping the conventional artisanal cooking methods. It is a cooking process like in professional catering kitchens but on a large scale. In addition, the production is nut-free, which is a crucial request from several UK clients and the main reason we had to plan a new production site.


Potential customers already expressed their intention to purchase 170 tons of products annually from Culivega. There are talks with larger parties who want to partner with Culivega to purchase our products under a private label for the retail market. The demand is there. What is left is to start production.

Culivega is looking for 900,000 euros in venture capital. It allows us to start the production of our meal components. The funds are used to invest in equipment and employed as working capital.


Ambassadors instead of shareholders

Culivega is looking for ambassadors who share the same vision and are willing to invest 40,000 euros per share to help us make a tasty contribution to restoring the balance between animal and vegetable protein.


By producing products where gratification, health, sustainability and convenience come together, we can serve a growing market — no longer a trend but an evolution.


With your support, we can realize this, and you will also benefit directly from it.

The people behind Culivega

Mattèo & Carola Piano

Mattèo and Carola are the founders of Innogusto, 50% shareholder of Culivega. In 2018, they started their journey in the world of plant-based food concepts development. Their mission is to take meat, fish and dairy analogues a step further and convert them into culinary meal components. Thanks to their background in branding, they understood that the best way to restore the balance between animal and vegetal protein is by delivering a customer/brand experience that ticks all the boxes.

Richard van der Zande

Richard van der Zande is founder and owner of Elstar Catering and 50% shareholder of Culivega through his Productief Holding. As a caterer he understands the ins and outs of the foodservice market and food production. Richards' experience and sense for production optimisation in the food business has led to the design of a artisanal food production approach on an industrial scale. His vision is to develop a fully automated artisansal production process where quality meets efficiency. 

Henk van Beek

Henk van Beek is the managing director of Culivega. Henk has gained a vast experience in the production of meals in a company specialised in frozen food production. Moreover he managed the former company he worked in during the entire food certification process. Being a young experienced professional, Henk is a real asset to Culivega.

Investors profile

For the mentioned investments additional equity funding of ~ €1.8M spread out over 2024 (€900K) & 2025 (€900K) is required in the form of equity/semi-equity/junior debt. In return an investor is offered the opportunity to participate in a unique Dutch proposition with a sustainable and growing business case which has the ambition to be a gamechanger in the plant-based food industry. The valuation and equity stake are to be discussed. 


Impact investing with excellent profitability and return prospects

Based on the volumes agreed in the letters of intent and the current sales pipeline, revenues  and EBITDA growth are expected to be strong. Realization of the business case will result in an EBITDA of €4.6M in 2028.

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Financing Structure

The current shareholders have already invested €950K (R&D, running costs, etc.). Based on the machinery, which is not specifically made for Culivega, we estimate a lease financing of appr. 60% of the value of the eligible assets. Additionally, the trade receivables are assumed to be financed by factoring at 70%.  


This results in a total required additional equity funding of €1.8M, divided in €900K for 2024 and €900K for 2025.

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